A lot of attorneys are in practice by themselves. Many of them are very good, and have clients who use them for a variety of needs.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But when it comes to estate planning, it makes me nervous when people tell me they’ve seen a solo practitioner….someone they’ve used for years, and are comfortable with….so they went ahead and had that attorney prepare a will.

Here’s why that concerns me. Estate planning is a process that needs to evolve and change over the years. Your situation changes. So do your needs.

If you’re dealing with an attorney who’s the only one in the office…..what if something happens to him? Maybe he retires and closes up shop and moves out of state. His office is gone, along with any copy of your file or your estate documents that he prepared. When you or your family need them, it would be as if you never had a will drawn up in the first place.

At The Law Offices of Shane Smith, we have a number of attorneys in our firm. A number of them, like me, have lived and worked in this area for most of their lives.

We’re not going anywhere.

No matter when you need us, we’ll be here for you and your family.