Think about your experience with an attorney or anyone else who’s providing you a service.

Are they good at returning your calls?
Does it take a long time for them to call you back?
Or do you have to keep calling?

I believe what happens during your planning and preparation period is an indication of what could happen down the road.

If your attorney is slow to return your call or won’t answer the phone now…..he may not be there for you or your spouse down the road when you desperately need help.

At The Law Offices of Shane smith, we’re as proud of our customer service as we are of the expert legal services we provide.

Think of it this way….when you’re early in the process, you haven’t paid your attorney yet.
They should be doing everything they can to make you want to use them.

If your customer experience isn’t very good now, when they’re trying to win you over and impress you,m imagine how bad it will be later on.