Executors of estates in Georgia have a large undertaking. Sometimes the burden is so large that many executors find help in a skilled Georgia trust administration lawyer. However, some executors like getting the process started or want to fulfill their assignment on their own. For this reason, our law firm has created a list of possible benefits a decedent could have that might not have been mentioned in the will or trust.

While some benefits like employment benefits, 401(k), stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and life insurance benefits may be easily located in your loved one’s records, other benefits may not be. Before you close the door on the possibility that there may be other benefits that you and your family members may have access to, you should continue reading to find out where you can search for other possible benefits.

How Executors in Georgia Can Determine Death Benefits for Decedents

In order to determine if you and the other beneficiaries are entitled to additional benefits, ask the following questions:

• Was your loved one a member of a union?
• Did your loved one serve his or her country?
• Did your loved one pay into Social Security?

Sometimes loved ones may have union benefits, Veteran’s benefits, or Social Security benefits that may pass to a spouse or other survivors following their death. For this reason, an executor should do the following:

Call the Social Security Administration – ask Social Security if you can apply for survivors’ benefits. If you or someone in the family is entitled to receive monthly survivors’ benefits, you should apply for these benefits immediately. Additionally, some survivors get a one-time death benefit if the decedent worked long enough and paid into the system. There are certain requirements that have to be met to receive these benefits, but it doesn’t hurt to find out.
Call the Veterans’ Administration – when a decedent has served in the military, army, or navy, they are entitled to a burial in a national cemetery and other benefits. To find out if your family is entitled to any monetary benefits, contact the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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