It amazes me that there are attorneys who only do wills, trusts and estates….and don’t do any part of elder care. Estate planning isn’t just for when you die. A big part of it is planning for the rest of your life, and being prepared for whatever comes along. For example, nursing homes.

I’ve heard too many horror stories about people who didn’t have a proper estate plan or waited until it was too late to try to put one together. They went into a nursing home and it cost them everything.

But there are ways to plan for this. To get the help you need without losing everything you’ve worked your whole life for. Your assets should be protected. Your spouse shouldn’t have to sell your house just so you can get the care you need.

If you choose an attorney who doesn’t do elder care or doesn’t do it well, it can leave your loved ones scrambling and struggling, at a time when all their attention should be focused on you. Imagine paying an attorney to do an estate plan, and having this important part left out.

At The Law Offices of Shane Smith, elder care is a critical part of our estate planning.
We have extensive knowledge of all the relevant laws, both federal and state, and we’re continuously updating our training to prepare for changes in those laws.

Don’t let your needs cost you and your family everything.